We are slaves of the future / 2:05

by bumblebeenyhappy, 8 years, 1 month ago

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I am 15 and decided to give this a shot and this is what i did.

We are all slaves of the future but I am not going to explain to much here because the film does it pretty well.

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bumblebeenyhappy website: www.youtube.com/spuditup

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Hi thanks for the offer just downloaded footage. Took a while to figure out which packets I needed.

By emma, 7 years, 10 months ago

Spiritech, you can post your email address here and delete the comment straight away, bumblebeenyhappy will get an email message of your comment and be able to reply to you privately.

By daniel, 8 years ago

I would do the interview but not to sure how to let you know. i hope this works

By bumblebeenyhappy, 8 years ago

I'm a university student from Australia and I am writing a story on the people that get involved with open-source film-making. If the creator of this film is rwading this, and would be interested in being interviewed for the article, let me know here if possible, because I think it could be a fascinating dicussion. Cheers!

By Spiritech, 8 years ago

Very professional with good smooth links. Brilliant music.

By pcully, 8 years ago

well done for a 15 year old hope you do very well.

By poohbear, 8 years ago

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